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Basic Defensive Folding Knife Operator

Hoffners Defensive Folding Knife program is the best in the world because of it’s simplicity and effectiveness. The knife is a tool that everyone carries but do not train with, and it’s so easy! In just one class you will be able to defend yourself against a deadly attack with the tool that you can carry just about anytime and anywhere. This class is great for all members of the family ages fourteen and above. This class is an absolute must for college students, runners, those who cannot always carry a pistol, and those who carry a pistol because there is a good chance you will have to defend it. Don’t miss it!

Time 4 Hours, 8am-12pm
Location Dave & Buster's (6010 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77057)
Equipment Training Knife is provided for use during the class, bring wrap around eye protection

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