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Prevail in the Close Quarters Attack

The majority of attacks are sudden, up close, and extremely violent.  How you react in a very small window of opportunity is the difference between winning and losing.  Merely carrying a gun is not enough.  You need the skills to react appropriately, use your hands to fight to your knife, to fight to our pistol.  This class will provide you the skills to prevail.

Next Class Date: Oct 28, 2018

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The skill-sets provided in this class are principle skills of the Hoffner Defensive System.  They are easy to learn with confidence, and easy to maintain.  These are critical skills for you Reactive Tool Box.  Do not be without them.

Prerequisites: Hoffner Tactical Pistol 1, Hoffner Defensive Folding Knife

Equipment: Pistol, strong side holster, 100 rounds ammunition, 3 magazines with carriers, ear and eye protection, Hoffner Training Knife, hydration, sack lunch, snacks

Location: The Impact Zone

Date:  Oct 28, 2018, 9am start