Attitude Patches

You have an attitude, so show it! Slap on a patch and let the world know! Hook-and-loop backed patches can be added to the leg of your ATA Battle Pants/Shorts, or any other garments that support hook-and-loop additions. (shown with ATA Battle Pants)

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  • Hoffner Shield: Prevail
  • Hoffners: Let Others Be Sheep
  • ATA Logo
  • Come And Take It Gun
  • Crossed Rifles
  • Double Tap
  • Get Some
  • Infidel
  • Rifle & Shield
  • Sniper
  • Special Forces Skull
  • Tools of the Trade
  • USA Flag, Poly (Green & Black)
  • USA Flag, Poly (Khaki & Black)
  • USA Flag, Poly (Grey & Black)
  • USA Flag with Rifle
  • Zombie Killer, Poly
  • Zombie Response Team
  • Blue Line
  • US Flag Blue Line

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