Hand Lanyard for Hoffner Beasts and Hand Spears

NOTE:  A lanyard Beast or Hand Spear sheath will need to be purchased to hold your knife in the sheath with its lanyard. The knife with a lanyard will not fit into the standard sheath.

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  • Black Cord/Silver Hardware
  • Khaki Cord/Black Hardware
  • Khaki Cord/Silver Hardware
  • Olive Cord/Black Hardware


Product Details

The Hand Lanyard is more than just a beautifully braided 550 para cord hanging from your BEAST or HAND SPEAR.  It has two quick-connect ends that hook up quickly for the desired mission.  When attached to the butt-end of the handle and the fore-grip of the handle it acts as a hilt to keep your hand from sliding forward to the blade and as a hand retention lanyard to prevent the knife from falling from the hand.  Secondly, when the BEAST or HAND SPEAR is in its sheath, the front end of the hand lanyard can hang free or be attached to the sheath for sheath retention when repelling, fast-roping, or any vigorous activity such as running the “O” Course.


  • 550 Para cord
  • Threaded quick connect ends
  • Provides Hand/Knife retention
  • Provides Knife/Sheath retention