Hoffner Shield Pin

Wear the Hoffner Shield proudly on your shirt, lapel, tie, hat, backpack, gear.  The pin is 1" tall X 5/8" wide.

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Hoffner Shield

We are not just a company, we are an attitude

The shield of the warrior. Through history it has protected us from the enemy. Though, it must be understood that the best defense is a "good offense", hence; the Sword! It signifies that we must take decisive action to prevail. One will also see the eye and mouth openings  of the Spartan helmet, because our mind is our most important weapon, all else is supplemental! We can only conquer life’s challenges with a strong, prepared, and committed mind. We are modern warriors though, so we fight with modern weapons, you will see the front and rear sight of the modern firearms at the peak of the shield, but make no mistake, modern weapons will always include the blade! Further examination of the peak will reveal the coat and tie of today’s  warrior, a modern day warrior, dressed for success because we must ALL prevail... from the battlefield to the board room, in the everyday battles of life to the ultimate battle for life!

Lastly, the "H" of the shield.  Although it stands for Hoffner, more importantly, it stands for Honor.

Honor is the one gift that only we can gift ourselves and only we can take it away. Honor as a way of life.


This Hoffner Shield icon, in one powerful image, represents the core values of Brian Hoffner, the Hoffner company, and our creed:

 "Life is a battle, train to win, carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance, never quit...
Live with honor"