Hand Spear- Silver Smooth Blade, Olive Flatline Handles, Black Sheath


The Hand Spear with Brushed Silver Stainless Steel, Smooth Edge Blade, and Olive Flatline G10 Handles is designed and engineered by Brian Hoffner with his experience as a military & police veteran, martial artist, firearms, knife and defense instructor. It is the ultimate everyday carry fixed blade. Black Kydex Sheath included.

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Product Details

With the huge success of the Hoffner Folding Knife, the next logical step was to engineer fixed blades using the same “Rear Grip” and “Pivot Index” operating systems. This way the operator uses the same expert reflex motor and muscle memory skills regardless of which Hoffner folder or fixed blade is in the hand. They all go together as members of the Hoffner Knife system.  The knife is the system, the system is the knife.

Hoffner Hand Spear – This is a beautiful, balanced, functional, strong, and lightweight everyday fixed blade that is easy to carry and legal in many states*. It is a gorgeous spear point that is well balanced, secure in the hand, and easy to operate with at a professional level.

Hoffners Fixed Blades come with an acid wash black (acid wash will not easily scratch off) or brushed silver 440c stainless steel full tang blades hardened to 56-58 HRC.  Full tang blades are steel from one end of the knife to the other and the strongest way to build a fixed blade knife. Your choice of G10 handles provide the best possible handles for good grip.

Sheath-The Kydex sheath is molded to the Hand Spear and provides a "Click In" lock for retention of the knife in the sheath.  It attaches to the belt with an adjustable size belt latch that securely locks onto the belt.  The belt latch may be rotated for a vertical or horizontal carry, and is ambidextrous for right, left, blade forward, or blade back carry.  NOTE:The Sheath will be provided in Black when the matching color with the grips is not available.

*Please research and know the knife laws of your state.

"I built the ultimate defensive fixed blade. I love this knife, it’s a great everyday, lightweight, and easy to carry knife that will get you out of just about any Close Quarters Defensive Situation" -Brian Hoffner, Knife Designer

"In the event of vicious attack, including those perpetrated by out of control K9s, the Hoffner Hand Spear can provide the necessary leverage, strength and penetration to stop the attack. An ideal fit for the calf carry holster" -Roger Eckstine, Shooters Bible Guide to Knives (Skyhorse Publishing)


  • Full Tang 440C Stainless Steel Spear Point Blade hardened to 56-58 HRC
  • Ergonomic G10 "Grippy" handles with Index Divots.
  • Includes Kydex Sheath with ambidextrous belt mount.
  • Multiple mount options: belt latch (included), molle, in the waistband, mounts to the Hoffner Calf Holster.
  • Optional Accessories include: Hand Lanyards, Handle Art, ITP (in the pants) leather strap, 



  • Blade length: 4 7/8"
  • Blade width: 3/16"
  • Overall length: 9 7/8"
  • Weight of Knife: 10.4 oz
  • Weight of Sheath: 2.9 oz