3.5" Folding Knife, Black Smooth Blade, Dark-Ops Chiseled Handles

The Hoffner 3.5" Folder with acid washed black Stainless Steel, Smooth Edge, Blade and Dark-Ops G10 Chiseled Handles. Chiseled Handles are beautiful and provide much more grip, but can cause wear to your pocket as well. Designed and engineered by Brian Hoffner.

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A technically brilliant instrument is nothing without a brilliant method of use.

Brian Hoffner has been a cop in the military, and in Houston, for more than forty years and a Black belt Martial Artist. He has been teaching his RGH “Rear Grip Hold” system of Knife Defense for more than a quarter century. It is a brilliant system of defense, easy to learn, easy to maintain, and extremely effective in the defense of life. Brian designed and engineered the perfect knife for his system.

The knife is the system, the system is the knife. The "RGH" (Rear Grip Hold) re-invents how the knife is used.   The ergonomic design prevents slipping and extends the reach of the blade. The thumb and forefinger "Index Pivots" ensure a balanced, secure, and reflexive transition between holds for system and a knife that is regarded as perfection.

Regardless of which Hoffner folder or fixed blade is in your hand, the handle shape is the same so your reflexes, your muscle memory, presentation, transitions, the SYSTEM is the same for ALL of them.

Hoffner Knives, designed to perfection, engineered to PREVAIL!


“I designed the best knife in the world for defense” -Brian Hoffner

Bold Statement. Let me tell you why it’s true. First, look at what features I did NOT include on my knife, such as; flippers, levers, skulls, and everything else an attorney can use against you in court. Now let’s look at its features. The revolutionary ergonomic shape of the handle combined with the “INDEX DIVOTS” provide holds, grips, and transitions, never before provided on a knife. Old fashioned holds are replaced with holds that won’t slip and extend the use of the blade two inches. It’s like the blade is actually longer. The pivot indexes complete each grip while providing a balanced and secure transition between grips. The knife has an extremely fast “SNAP” method of opening and deployment without the use of gadgets, but even before the knife is open it has impact weapon and compliance tool surfaces for less lethal applications. Made of 440C steel (Super Steel) and G10 handles this knife is sharp, grippy, and built tough for military, law enforcement, and professional use. Responsible citizens throughout the USA depend on the Hoffner Knife as their everyday carry folder.

From soccer moms to SWAT guys, You will not find a better, more economical knife to keep you safe. Put a Hoffner Knife in your pocket!

"More than just a combat folder the Hoffner Knife is a three dimensional blueprint offering the hand the shortest path to Brian Hoffner's comprehensive system of personal self-defense."

-Roger Eckstein, Author, Shooters Bible Guide to Knives (Skyhorse Publishing)


440c High Chromium Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 3.5"

Smooth Edge Blade

Overall Length: 8.38"

Weight: 4.59oz

Liner Lock

G10 Scales (grips)

Index Divots

Point Down Pocket Carry for SNAP Open

Ambidextrous Pocket Clip

Closed Blade Striking Surface

Compliance Surface