Hoffner Heavy Duty Single Point Tactical Sling

Hoffner Heavy Duty Single Point Sling. Available in OD Green, Black, & Khaki. This kick butt sling is super strong, full bungee, and fully adjustable. No flat straps sawing into your neck, and no hardware digging into your flesh. The heavy duty bungee allows freedom of movement, shooting in alternative positions, muzzle strikes.  The Hoffner Single Point Sling IS THE TACTICAL SLING!

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Product Details

  • One Size Fits All
  • Fully Adjustable to 54" Diameter
  • Comfortable, Secure, & Strong
  • Includes heavy duty zip ties
  • Includes grenade ring for use as single point sling mount (if needed)


  1. Wrap the open ends of the sling around your torso to desired length.
  2. Secure the overlapping ends with cable ties. Place cable ties at each end and space evenly.
  3. Using pliers, pull cable ties as tight as possible.
  4. Twist off (preferred) or cut off excess ends from cable ties

"There is no right or wrong regarding which side of the body that the single point is worn.  I prefer it slung under the support arm.  That way when I go "Side Sul" or I transition, my long gun is not banging into, or getting in the way of, my pistol"- Brian Hoffner