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ITP J-Hook Holster (in the pants)

This in-the-pants holster is comfortable and fast. The J-hook simply hooks under the belt. The tension adjustment lets you decide how much retention you want the holster to have. The holster will hold its shape for easy re-holstering of your pistol.  The minimal design allows the carry of multiple slide lengths of the same make pistol.

Hand Made in the USA

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Product Details

  • Convenient J-hook
  • Holds its shape for easy re-holstering
  • Tension setting keeps the pistol secure in the holster.
  • Available for most pistols and revolvers.


    Ultrux MinimalES
    Minimal Holster-Extreme Speed

    This line of holsters and pouches is for those who don't need much... just a great, high quality, fast holster in a small package. The MinimalES holsters have tension adjustments and are extremely fast on the draw. They are designed so that one holster will fit numerous models of one gun. ex: One holster fits Glock 9mm, .40, and 357 or all 1911 pistols regardless of slide length or manufacturer.

    Simple, Fast, Great Holsters!

    Made in the USA