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SoSu is a modern martial art unlike any other, it works, it’s easy to learn, it’s easy to use, and you will love it. Brian Hoffner earned his first black belt through many years of Shotokan and Goju Ryu training. He has engineered SoSu as the ultimate modern martial art based on reason and decades of street wise experience as a law enforcement officer, defensive tactics instructor, knife expert, and firearms instructor. Using empty hands, knife, and firearms is the only true way to defend yourself and protect your family and SoSu makes it easy. SoSu is for the whole family.

SoSu is a continuing education program. Belts are awarded for yellow, green, brown, and black.

Brian Hoffner Brian D. Hoffner Director/Sensei
Black Belt
John Crawford John Crawford Brown Belt
Darrel Holmes Darrel Holmes Brown Belt
Chad Seljeseth Chad Seljeseth Green belt
Time 3 hours, 9am-12 noon
Location Memorial Park (see map)
Equipment Needed Hoffner Training Knife, Do Not bring any Live Weapons
Pre-requisites There are no pre-requisites to attend but Tactical Pistol I and Defensive Folding Knife should be taken during the first year of attending SoSu.

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