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Hoffners and the American Tactical Apparel brand are very honored to have gained traction and attention from local news and media outlets. Here's our collection.

Weapons with edge: 3 great blades from SHOT Show

Original Article posted on PoliceOne by Lindsey J. Bertomen 01.26.15

A folding knife, a fixed blade, and a multi-tool made the list for most impressive edged weapons at SHOT Show 2015

I got a chance to see some excellent knives at SHOT Show this year. From folding knives to fixed blades and mutli-tools, here are my three favorites from the tradeshow floor.

1. Hoffner Flatline Folding Knife

I’m not sure how to even describe the Hoffner line of knives without talking about Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, who says the knives he designs are part of a system. He has produced an instructional DVD which shows why the design is unique: this folder allows a grip that extends its reach without sacrificing a rigid grip. It is symmetrical and balanced for rapid grip changes. It also can be put into play while still folded.

Hoffner has various knives that are integrate into the system, including the Hand Spear and the Hoffner Chiseled Folding Knives, but told me “This is the one I run with…” when he showed me the Flatline.

All of the Hoffner knives are bargain priced, considering their generous reinforcement and quality build. The Flatline is 440C with a 3.5" matte finish blade.

Customizable options include a combo or smooth edge, a satin or black blade, and a wide variety of handle art.

MSRP is $59.

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HPD officer launches tactical clothing line

Original Article posted on KHOU News Houston by Andrew Horansky 05.03.12 - 10:12pm

HOUSTON -- Just about all forms of fashion conceal something. But Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, has taken that in a different direction.

He recently entered the fashion world with a new clothing line called American Tactical. It is designed to help conceal weapons.

"It's totally comfortable," Hoffner said. "It's a total necessity."

Pants comes in khaki or denim and cost $150 a pair. There are 15 pockets on them.

"For tactical use, for rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition, whatever you may need," Hoffner said.

The patent is pending and he expects to soon release shorts. All kinds of customers are expected.

"Soccer moms to professional door-kickers, special responders to everyday superheroes," Hoffner said.

The clothes can be found online and at C&G Wholesale Stores. Hoffner is proud to add that they are made in Texas.

Waiting list growing for 'tactical chic' pants

Original Article posted on KHOU News Houston by Andrew Horansky 05.15.12 - 5:46pm

HOUSTON—There was once a time when you didn’t have to hide your gun. Those days are over.

Fashion has gone in a different direction and with it, how gun owners conceal.

The term is "tactical chic." The latest designer is a Houston police officer, named Brian Hoffner.

Earlier this month, KHOU 11 News showed you his latest invention: pants specially designed to hide a concealed weapon. Since the story aired, dozens of people have joined waiting lists at C&G Wholesale stores in Houston and Dallas.

Michele Skees manages the Houston location and says customers are willing to shell out $150 per pair.

"It’s well spent," Skees said. "Your life is very important and you can’t put a price tag on that."

She also points out that Hoffner is not the only "tactical chic" designer, either.

A California-based company called 5.11 makes shirts. Woolrich, well known in colder climates, makes its own tactical pant. Under Armour now has a tactical line, too.

Clothes made to conceal handguns

Original Article posted on KHOU News Houston by Lauren Freeman 05.15.12 - 11:28am

They are clothes made to conceal concealed handguns. More and more companies are creating clothes and accessories to hold and conceal handguns.

While some focus on fashion, all of them were created in the name of protection. Not all gun advocates are on board with them.

We went shooting with two women who are big supporters of carrying guns and being prepared.

Michelle carries a gun everywhere she goes and Patricia is in the process of getting her conceal carry license. Patricia began learning to shoot about 8 months ago after a terrifying ordeal.

"I was almost robbed in a Walgreens parking lot. He actually sexually assaulted me. He reached out and grabbed my breast," she said.

Michelle has been carrying a gun for about 5 years.

"It's the great equalizer. So rather than just being a victim, I'm able to fight back," Michelle said.

Brian Hoffner teaches people how to do just that. After decades in the military, HPD law enforcement and tactical training, Hoffner believes he's created the perfect holster.

He told us, "There's never been a perfect way to carry a pistol."

He started American Tactical Apparel. He designed a holster that holds any size handgun and pants to wear over them. They call them battle khakis.

They made me a pair to try on. While they certainly aren't skinny jeans, he says he kept fashion in mind.

"We are seeing more and more women interested and with that, they want to look good," Hoffner said.

The battle khakis sell for $150.

A company called Gun Tote'n Mamas sells fashionable purses that are also holsters. They sent us one that holds a small gun. They told us it's one of their bestsellers and retails for $59.

There's even the Flashbang Bra Holster. A demonstration of it has gotten almost 900,00 hits on YouTube but not everyone likes the idea.

Robert Dunlap with American Tactical Apparel says it violates gun safety. He worries it's not safe for the woman wearing it.

He told us, "A weapon should always be pointed in only a safe direction ,one of which is definitely not your person."

Texas Cop Makes Fashion For The Concealed Weapon Carrier

Original Article posted on TalkingPointsMemo.com by Eric Lach 05.14.12 - 12:37pm

Who says the age of American innovation is over?

There’s a new entrant in the burgeoning concealed-weapon fashion industry. American Tactical Apparel, out of Houston, Texas, makes clothing for “professional door kickers, special responders, and everyday superheroes.”

The brainchild of Brian Hoffner, a long-time Houston police officer and self-described “kind of a renaissance man,” ATA offers Demin pants, khaki pants, and khaki shorts, all made with zippers for easy access to the company’s custom covert thigh holster.

“There is NO BETTER WAY to secretly carry your pistol and equipment,” the company says on its website. “These pants are engineered for battle, and for everyday operating. For warriors, by warriors.”

In an interview with TPM, Hoffner said that after 27 years of making holsters, he’s finally come up with a satisfactory way to discretely carry a pistol.

“It’s been tough to fix, because the gun either bulges at your waist or you have to wear your shirt out as a cover… or it’s pulling at your garment,” Hoffner said.

According to Hoffner, his products have the potential to appeal as much to women as men.

“Women, because of their ergonomics, have always had a problem wearing a pistol at their hip,” he said.

ATA items are not cheap. The pants will run you $149, and a holster costs $49. But Hoffner believes strongly that his products should be manufactured in the United States, even if that keeps costs up. Plus, manufacturing at home will allow him to do custom orders.

Hundreds of orders have already come in, Hoffner said, and the new products have been generating media buzz.

“I’ve never been a clothing designer before,” Hoffner said. “With that said, I am now.”

Here’s a video demonstration of ATA’s merchandise:

HPD officer designs ‘looks that kill’

Original Article posted on Chron.com by Erin Mulvaney 05.08.12 - 12:34pm

The new American Tactical Apparel line of clothing gives new meaning to the phrase “looks that kill.”

Launched by Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, the clothing line addresses the needs of the fashion-conscious carrier of concealed handguns, and spotlights a recent rise in the number of people carrying concealed weapons.

The New York Times reports such stores as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabella’s have seen an increase in demand for “covert fashion.” The sporting apparel line Under Armour has adding Velcro pockets to items for easy gun access, and smaller businesses like Hoffner’s are opening around the country as the demand for gun permits grows, the Times reports.

Thirty-seven states offer concealed-weapon licenses to qualified gun owners, according to data compiled by ProCon.org. Illinois is the only state prohibiting the carrying of handguns.

Hoffner said launched his line two weeks ago at a Texas SWAT conference, after working on the idea for about a year and a half. He wanted to give gun owners a way to carry weapons covertly and have quick access. As a vice officer, Hoffner said he wrapped an ACE bandage around his gun to conceal it on his thigh so prostitutes wouldn’t find it, but that denied him quick access.

“These pants aren’t just for the SWAT guys, they’re for soccer moms and your everyday superheroes — those high-speed operators that suddenly need to defend themselves and their family,” he said.

His Texas-manufactured khakis and denim pants cost $150 a pair.

“I thought, man, if I only had a zipper, and then a light bulb went off,” Hoffner said.

He plans to expand his line to include more colors, casual men’s dress pants and women’s skirts and pants, though some women have already ordered the men’s pants. Eventually, his company will offer to install zippers for the guns in any clothing.

“You have a less than two-second presentation of your pistol wherever it’s stored,” he said.

Hoffner said any responsible person should get a concealed handgun license and not count on the government or police for personal protection.

“It’s good to know they are going to be there in minutes, but you might only have a second to save your family,” he said.

Hoffner pants can help anyone carrying multiple items, such as passports and cameras. The only drawback may be remembering to empty all 15 pockets before doing laundry.

Here’s the video on Hoffner’s American Tactical website:

Stephen Colbert took aim at the new national trend on the Colbert Report. He said the fashion statement is where the ”hand gun meets the Tim Gunn.”

Brian Hoffner creates American Tactical Apparel

Original Article posted on KDSK Channel 5 News 05.07.12 - 5:58pm

Link to video

Houston (KHOU/CNN) - You can call it tactical chic, because it's a little of both.

A Houston police officer has started his own concealed weapon clothing line, called American Tactical Apparel.

Pants cost $150 a pair. They include 15 pockets, including one on the side that's large enough to fit a handgun.

"I have a full-size glock on. If I need it now, I simply pull down this tab and I draw my glock and I'm ready to defend myself," said Brian Hoffner, founder of American Tactical Apparel. "Nothing's pulling anywhere. It's totally comfortable. And a full-size gun concealed. It's a necessity. Fifteen pockets for tactical use. For rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition, whatever you may need."

The patent on the design is pending, and shorts are expected to be added to the collection.

The clothes can be found online and at C&G Wholesale stores.

Houston police officer launches 'tactical clothing' line

Original Article posted on WFAA Falla/Fort Worth News by Andrew Horansky 05.06.12 - 10:38pm

HOUSTON — Just about all forms of fashion conceal something. But Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, has taken that in a different direction.

He recently entered the fashion world with a new clothing line called American Tactical Apparel. It is designed to help conceal weapons.

“It’s totally comfortable,” Hoffner said. “It’s a total necessity.”

Pants comes in khaki or denim. They feature 15 pockets and cost $150 a pair.

“For tactical use, for rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition — whatever you may need,” Hoffner said.

The patent on his design is pending, and he expects to soon release shorts. All kinds of customers are expected.

“Soccer moms to professional door-kickers, special responders to everyday superheroes,” Hoffner said.

The clothes can be found online and at C&G Wholesale Stores. Hoffner is proud to add that they are made in Texas.

New pants let you hide a gun in style

Original Article posted on NewsFix Now 05.01.12

It is important to look your best, even when carrying your Smith & Wesson. Now, there's a booming business for those who want to hide their piece.

New All American Clothing Line Made to Hide Your Pistol

HOUSTON, TX (April 30, 2012)- American Tactical Apparel founder, Brian Hoffner, a 30-year police veteran, has been making holsters for 27 years and has never found the perfect system of carrying a concealed pistol comfortably. That is, until now. Since Brian filed for the patent on his new idea eighteen months ago, he has been working on the perfect pants design to go with his revolutionary new patent pending system of carrying a concealed pistol.

Before the invention of American Tactical Apparel, someone carrying their pistol concealed would have to wear their shirt tails out or wear a jacket to conceal it. Many attempts to fix the comfort and concealment issues with concealed carry have fallen short, and users have a drawer full of holsters because of it. With Hoffner's invention, you only need one holster and it fits all guns. It is worn around the leg and the neoprene distributes the weight of the gun equally over the leg, while it pulls the gun in tight to prevent it from “printing” through the clothing. A strap from the holster is secured by a hanger in the reinforced, padded, waistline of the pants to prevent the holster from sliding down. Zippers are provided on the American Tactical Apparel garments to access the pistol quickly. An accessory holster is also available to secretly carry equipment, accessories, documents, passport, or cash.

American Tactical Apparel is manufactured in the USA with all U.S. materials. Brian says "America did not become the greatest nation on earth by selling out to other countries. American warriors defending America in pants made in a sweat shop in some foreign country is ridiculous, and will not happen with my product line. American Tactical Apparel will not sell out America." He says that they understand that the price of the clothing will be higher, but that that is the cost of doing what is right.

Currently American Tactical Apparel is making Battle Khakis in pants and shorts. The pants have fifteen pockets designed for carrying equipment effectively. They will soon be available in a variety of colors such as black, navy blue, and OD green. Also available are fashionable blue jeans that are designed to use the patent pending revolutionary concealed carry system. On the horizon are discreet casual/dress pants that will be available with the new system, as well.

American Tactical Apparel is not just for gun carrying professionals. They are for responsible citizens alike that also have the right to protect themselves and keep their families safe from harm. From soccer moms to professional door kickers, special responders, and everyday super heroes, American Tactical Apparel has you covered.

Fashionable clothes that hide guns? This Houston designer warrior is well ahead of that craze

Original Article posted on CultureMap Houston by Whitney Radley 04.25.12 - 2:29pm

On Tuesday, the New York Times ran a Fashion & Style story by Matt Richtel entitled "New Fashion Wrinkle: Stylishly Hiding the Gun."

The piece, which details all of the brands that offer clothing for stylish gun wear, has been criticized as "tone deaf" in light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy — and the clothing itself has been generally ridiculed as unnecessary.

That isn't stopping one Houston designer. Brian Hoffner, the same man who brought you the Houston Modern Market, recently launched American Tactical Apparel, his own brand of concealed carry clothing.

Hoffner, who has been designing his own holsters "out of necessity" for more than 27 years, said that he created the clothing for the same reason.

"There has never been the perfect way to conceal and carry your pistol while dressing professionally and looking presentable at the same time," Hoffner told CultureMap over the phone as a spattering of gunshots rang out in the background. (He was instructing at the police academy during the call.)

Hoffner says that tactical pants in his line look fashionable and, thanks to a special inner layer of neoprene, fit comfortably and adequately conceal weapons — with more than enough room to pack a phone and a camera, plus rifle and pistol cartridges.

Plus, they're made in the U.S.A.

Though the line is currently limited to blue jeans, khakis and shorts, American Tactical Apparel will expand to include jackets, shirts, dress pants and women's clothing.

A soft launch at the SWAT Conference last weekend garnered "rave reviews," but Hoffner promises that these are really designed for every demographic, from police officers to soccer moms.

According to the controversial New York Times article, the ranks of concealed handgun permit holders are huge — at seven million in 2011, up from five million in 2008 — and continuing to grow.

(I'll avoid dwelling on how uneasy this makes me, especially given that many states have "shall issue" statues that allow citizens to receive concealed weapon permits if they meet such stringent legal requirements as, um, "not being a felon.")

But Hoffner, a vocal proponent of self-defense and self-sufficiency, believes the a responsible person should always have the right to carry and conceal a weapon.

"The firearm is never an issue unless it's needed," he said.

Brian Hoffner's Specially Designed BDUs

Original Article posted on Badge & Gun by Tom Kennedy August 2012

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