Brian Hoffners charismatic and dynamic speaking ability ensures an educational, entertaining, and motivational experience. That’s why Brian’s lectures are a favorite at conferences, meetings, and corporate events across the nation. Brian’s famous Mindset lecture can be tailored to the needs of any agency. organization, or company to target performance, productivity, attitude, and motivation. From teaching military and law enforcement units the mindset for winning the ultimate fight, to instilling the warrior, must win, mindset into corporate executives responsible for making the company a success, Brian’s lectures motivate all attendees with the “know how" for success and the attitude to make it happen.

Corporate Training
With his Training Division, Brian offers corporate training packages, tailored to length and the needs of any size company, and any budget. Brian has the ability to transform the mild-mannered executive into the modern day warrior ready to defeat all foes that stand in the way of success. Add exciting and adventurous team building exercises, and suddenly the company has an army of employees that are structured and motivated to conquer the competition.

Consulting Services
Brian consults to companies and individuals with problem solving answers to just about any situation the modern world can present. With Brian's abilities and knowledge of the current threats that face us, combined with his networking capabilities, you know that you are getting the best, most up to date, and complete consulting services available. Brian provides a safe and positive outcome to your situation in a discreet and professional manner.

Consulting services include but are not limited to:
Personal defense
Individual and family safety
Corporate security
Dignitary protection
Design, set-up, and implementation of security and defense of the home
Design, set-up, and implementation of security for the company