Hoffners Tralnlng Dlvision is one of the top training programs available anywhere and may be utilized by you privately or by your group. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of one on one training, or small groups.

Private and group training is available locally in the Houston area, nationally, and internationally. One individual or a group of students can attend this training. You can bring Brian and his dynamic program to you, or you can travel to Houston.

The topics and content of private training can be selected by the student from the long list of courses offered by Hoffners Training Division (see Courses), or can be customized to the needs of the student or group of students.

The skill level can be selected, from beginner through advanced. With just one session you will be extremely safe, knowledgeable, and already in the top percentile of accurate shooters in the world... It's that easy, the training is that good!

Brian's unique style of motivating and teaching his students has made him a trusted favorite throughout the country. Brian's ability to relay his knowledge, utilize his wide range of skills as a motivator, and bring out the best in his students ensure a positive learning experience for the student.

Diplomas are issued upon successful completion of the training. A minimum of eight hours of training must be completed to reoeive a diploma. Training can be broken up and administered in four-hour blocks to accommodate the schedules of participants.

Training in Houston- Cost of private or group training in Houston is $225 an hour, in minimum four-hour blocks of training. The cost of travel and per-diem is included when Brian travels to your location.

Training can be conducted weekdays, or weekends. Training days can be strung together or spaced apart to meet the scheduling needs of the individual or group.