Hoffner Knives Custom Shop

Out of the Hoffner Custom Shop comes incredibly beautiful and powerful knives from a collaboration of Brian Hoffner with extremely talented knife makers. The mission of the custom shop is to develop new product designs while bringing you knives like no other in the world, both in the production shop and from hands of masters with these incredible, one of a kind, masterpieces found only here.

Matt SuddethMatt Suddeth

I am pleased to bring Matt Suddeth into the Hoffner Custom Shop.  He is a talented knife maker whose work is refined but with a rugged, tough, edge, is just my style.  Matt’s ability to share my ideas with his to create a wonderful handmade knife, for use with the Hoffner RGH System, but with his signature style of work screaming all over the blade is the prescription for perfection.  Through many, many hours of drafting, modeling, grinding, shaping, annealing and sharpening, a fine Hoffner-Suddeth masterpiece is complete and ready for your collection.

Brian Hoffner
President, Hoffner Knives

"Matt Suddeth of Katy, Texas first gained recognition for his contributions to the 2009 Lark publication 500 Knives: Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs.  Suddeth, whose rugged, self-sufficient personality is reflected in his knives was recruited straight out of high school to fabricate precise scale models for wind tunnel testing aerospace parts and structural elevations including oil wells and derricks.  Suddeth’s high energy, hand crafted designs are uniquely suited to the Hoffner brand."

Roger Eckstine, Author
The Shooter’s Bible Guide to Knives
Skyhorse Publishing