Police officer, soldier, protection agent or private citizen. If you're the good guy, Hoffners Training is for you! Our courses are available for individuals or groups. They can be tailored to the needs of your group or to the type of class you would like to host (see Host a Course) including: Title, Topics, Content, Skill level and length of the course. We will come to your location.

Brian Hoffner is a skilled and prolific instructor. He has a great ability to teach and motivate, as well as raise your skills, confidence and self esteem. Hoffners Training provides skills for life... schedule now!

Group/Corporate/Team Building Classes
Choose from the below classes and we wll customize a program for your private or corporate group.

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  • Continuing Education
  • Core Classes

    At Hoffners Training Academy we lay a strong foundation for the defense of your life and protection of your family with proper fundamental training.  Through decades of the study fight science Brian Hoffner as evolved an incredibly structured program to ensure your ability to prevail.  These core classes lay that foundation.

    Life is a battle, train to win, carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance, never quit, live with Honor...PREVAIL- Brian Hoffner

  • Specialty Classes

    Once we have laid a powerful foundation with my core training classes, expand your skill sets with these classes focused on tactics as an extension of your core skill- Brian Hoffner

  • Discount Training Paths

    Pay for your training in easy monthly installments. Please contact us to setup your monthly payment plan.

  • Knife Training

    Brian Hoffner has combined 50 years of martial arts, military, and police training into an incredibly effective defensive knife system that is easy to learn, master, and retain.  You will know how to carry, deploy, and utilize your knife to protect yourself and family with a great deal of confidence!  You will love your knife and never be without it after this class.

    "My Dad always said: If you've got your pants on, you've got your knife on" When you combine that with the level of skill you will gain from my training, you will live your life with a new level of confidence"- Brian Hoffner

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