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Forging the Warrior



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Forging the Warrior
Mindset for Success, The Code for Living

Brian Hoffners Mindset for Success has received National Critical Acclaim. Culminating from 30 years of work, research and training, his presentation brings a clear and formulated understanding of the neuro-physiological process and how we must use it to ensure success at all levels. In addition, there is a certain code that warriors live by. The Code of the Warrior code is how we, as modern day warriors, live, think, train, win, and live their lives. Beneficial to law enforcement, military, corporate executives, college attendees, athletes, and anyone who has the desire to excel, win, and achieve success. This lecture contains entertaining media and motivating lecture that will leave a positive mark on all who attend.

-Learn what it takes to win the daily battles of life to the ultimate fight for life
-Learn how to apply Hoffners’ mindset to financial success
-Children learn how to achieve better grades
-Hoffners Code for living assures a life that is full and rewarding
-The entire family is encouraged to attend

Time 4 hours, 8am-12pm
Location Dave & Buster's (6010 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77057)
Tuition $150 per person, Groups & Families up to 3 for $125 each, Groups & Families 4+ for $100 each

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