Don Saathoff Special Edition Signed Knife
Benefitting ALS

Don, a U.S. Marine and thirty-one Year Cop worked with me for decades as a Police Firearms Instructor.  Always friendly and ready to help, He was a cops favorite at the range.  After 31 years he retired to find out, one month later, that he had one of the most horrible diseases that can inflict a person…ALS, no cure.  Through it all Don has held his head up and set a positive example for all of us.  For therapy, Don has helped us assemble Hoffner Knives and has been a huge asset.  With his legs already gone, Don is now losing his hands to this terrible disease.  He can no longer assemble knives.  In tribute to his life, his attitude, and his fight against ALS, many of you asked Don to sign some of his knives so that we can offer them to you and donate a portion of the proceeds to ALS.  Don has signed one side of the blade with his lifelong trademark signature and the opposite side of the blade with “BE STRONG”.  His knives are provided in a presentation box with Don’s photo and his quote for all of us to receive inspiration:

“Achievement is not easy. You’re dealt a certain set of cards and that’s what you play. Don’t complain, instead, accept the challenge, get it done, and make something of your life.” -Don Saathoff

Help Don Fight ALS.  20% of the proceeds of the sale of each knife will be donated to ALS.

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Don Saathoff Special Edition Signed Knife Benefitting ALS