Skull Pendant


Beautiful Sterling Silver Skull Pendant with Adam and Eve inside

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Product Details

  • A one of a kind design created by Otto R. Bade in1960
  • Hand crafted by ORB Silversmiths in New Hope Pennsylvania
  • Made entirely of Sterling Silver it weighs in at a hulking 93.2 grams
  • Dimensions: 1 7/8" Deep X 1 1/4" High X 1 3/8" Wide
  • The Skull opens to a secret compartment that opens to find, in the brain, a hand carved depiction of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
  • Otto designed this skull after studying and being inspired by Mary Queen of Scots who always wore a Skull pendant, even when she lost her head
  • An extraordinary piece of gothic art that is a one of a kind design
  • May be worn as a pendant or displayed as sculpture