• $5.00

    Measures 18" x 12"

  • $5.00

    Get your attitude on with the Hoffner Attitude Poster.  Art by Famous Tactical Artist Dick Kramer Original Photo by Roger Eckstine

  • $39.00

    100% Silk Hand Crafted in the USA

  • $37.00

    100% Cotton Handkerchief 2 Layer Reversible Made in the USA 12" X 12"

  • $19.00

    Did you lose your knife/glasses? No you didn't. They're right here... in this nifty little carrier made to hold your knife or glasses snug and never leave your side while you save the world!

  • $29.99

    Hoffner Heavy Duty Single Point Sling. Available in OD Green, Black, & Khaki. This kick butt sling is super strong, full bungee, and fully adjustable. No flat straps sawing into your neck, and no hardware digging into your flesh. The heavy duty bungee allows freedom of movement, shooting in alternative positions, muzzle strikes.  The Hoffner Single Point Sling IS THE TACTICAL SLING!

  • $47.00

    Secretly carry your firearm and valuables strapped to your thigh underneath your ATA garment.  Connected to a hanger inside the ATA garment it wraps around your thigh to provide a comfortable, secure, & covert carry. Fits most Semi-automatics & Revolvers. Great for passport, cash, magazines, etc. One size fits all; right or left hand. Compatible with all ATA clothing.

  • $6.00

    Drink like a Warrior! Logo on both sides.

  • $2.00

    This target may be the best training target ever. It has six numbered accuracy dots, a silhoutte, and the following tactical hit zones: A-Center Mass , B-Cranial Vault, & C-Pelvis. The ability to shoot hundreds of rounds before replacing and an endless list of training scenarios will make this target your favorite.

  • $98.00

    High Speed-Half the Space! Stay prepared, safe, and ready with the trusty Hoffner Bodyguard Fixed Blade Knife mounted to the Delta Double Magazine Carrier for two standard Glock 9mm/40 magazines.  Extremely fast reloads combined with a knife that never runs out of ammo engineered to Prevail! $109.00 Made in the USA

  • $54.00

    High Speed-Half the Space! Stay prepared with the Hoffner Delta Double Magazine Carrier for two standard Glock 9mm/40 magazines.  Extremely fast reloads for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 34, 35 while only using half the space of any other double magazine carrier. $60.00 Made in the USA

  • $49.00

    This in-the-pants holster is comfortable and fast. The J-hook simply hooks under the belt. The tension adjustment lets you decide how much retention you want the holster to have. The holster will hold its shape for easy re-holstering of your pistol.  The minimal design allows the carry of multiple slide lengths of the same make pistol. Hand Made in the USA

  • $59.00

    Real Men Wear Scarves! I have scarves from famous designers that, to me, seem too soft.  So I designed a Man Scarf that has some rigidity so it will stand at attention when worn.  NO FEAR! Look good, feel good, stay warm, and enjoy! - Brian Hoffner 2-Sided Reversible 100% Cotton 6" X 56" Made in the USA

  • $4.00

    Attitude Patch- Samurai Code, "Victory or Death" designed by Brian Hoffner This Patch is a beautiful and powerful representation of your commitment to Prevail in all things!

  • $90.00

    Everything I design I design out of need, and I REALLY NEED THIS BAG! I engineered this bag so that I can grab my guns, and quickly grab ALL the ammo that I need that is all in one bag...my Grab and Go Ammo Bag! This is for all professional operators & responsible citizens! "This bag is a must have for those who count on being ready for anything, and being ready fast!"- Brian Hoffner

  • $95.00

    I like watches, big, bold, rugged watches, so I knew that this watch is a Hoffner Watch.  Tactically handsome in Olive and black, and sporting the Hoffner "Shield & Sword" Icon on the four corners of the case, this watch gets noticed. On the back is the Hoffner Warrior Code to power you through life.  This watch is a must have for a man of the rugged Sheepdog Lifestyle! Hooyah on your wrist!

  • $3.00

    Wear the brand of the Sheepdog Warrior.  Wearing of this high quality temporary tattoo of the Hoffner Shield will armor you with super human powers...or at least show your attitude.  Have fun and wear it proudly!

  • $5.00

    The Hoffner Warrior Coasters will proudly protect your surfaces from the evils of the sweating glass!

  • $25.00

    A Key Chain with a major attitude and a used grenade Ring!  Make a strong statement with this fun piece of Badassary!

  • $18.00

    Carry your Hoffner Challenge Coin always and challenge others by presenting one to them.  The Hoffner Challenge is a MUST: Life is a battle, train to win, Carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance, never quit, Live with HONOR!