Covert Carry Apparel
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    OK Ladies, after listening to your demands for a Covert Carry Skirt, I have designed a beautiful classic skirt for you to discreetly carry your cash, passport, valuables, and even your firearm.  No one will know what you are secretly carrying... until you zip down the side zipper to quickly and easily access what you need.  We make your skirt, to your specs, right here in the USA- Brian Hoffner

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    Inventory Closeout, $50 per Pair, on ALL Covert Carry Pants, Shorts, Blue Jeans, and Skirts.  Existing Inventory Only. You must Call 281-855-8800 or email for availability. NO Online Ordering, Do not Place in Shopping Cart, Call In Only.  Some pants are pre-hemmed, some are not.  Un-hemmed pants must be hemmed by the purchaser.